SENsing SKIN' for Monitoring-Based Maintenance of the Transport Infrastructure

Dissemination and Communication Activities

WP9 with leader: FEHRL


  • Disseminate the existence of project and results to stakeholders (bridge owners and maintenance operators; scientific community, etc.) using the most effective communication means for each target group
  • Produce-related dissemination material (website, leaflet, poster, logo, other.)

Main focus:

Communication with stakeholders

Dissemination of results

  • Workshop on “Smart Structural Health Monitoring for Bridge Condition Assessment and Maintenance (M41) 
  • Final conference, final press release, publications (results of project), video, brochure and CD demo, field demonstrations 

Task 9.1 – Development of a Dissemination Strategy
Dissemination Plan has been prepared and submitted. Focuses on three stages:

  • Awareness-raising (whole duration of the project)
  • Communication with stakeholders (July 2015 – March 2018)
  • Dissemination of results (September – Dec. 2018)

The Plan describes five main elements

  • The dissemination objectives
  • The target groups
  • The key messages
  • The key dissemination tools
  • Evaluation and monitoring of dissemination activities

Task 9.2 – Organisation of four project workshops

  • 1st workshop to be organised on 8th November 2017

Task 9.3 – SENSKIN Website and User Forum through a Wide Social and Specialised Network

  • This website up and running since M3 of the project
  • Creation of an external group of experts

Task 9.4 – Presentation of the Project Results to the Public at Large

Task 9.5 – Additional Dissemination Activities

Task 9.6 – Communication Activities

  • Based on the feedback received so far from stakeholders (e.g. responses from the questionnaires, social media), it is clear that the various tools used in the “awareness raising” and “communication with stakeholders’” have been tailored to the various needs of the stakeholders
  • Development of user-forum as a list of stakeholders

 Work Package Leader: 

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