SENsing SKIN' for Monitoring-Based Maintenance of the Transport Infrastructure

Management of Intellectual Property and Exploitation of Results

WP8 with leader: MGH

In accordance with the requirements of EU contact grant agreement 635844 and with SENSKIN project Consortium Agreement, the ''Agreement on Background'' was identified and agreed among the participants, where ''Background'' means any data, know-how and/or information-whatever its form or nature including any rights such as intellectual property rights- that is held by the beneficiaries prior to their accession to the action and is needed to implement the action or exploit the results.  Based on the ''Agreement on Background'' the ''Preliminary Exploitation Plan'' was generated as a main responsibility of the Exploitation and Innovation Manager-MGH- in conjunction with Project Coordinator-ICCS- , that introduces the SENSKIN project strategies and sets out the details of the types of exploitation actions to be undertaken by the consortium to ensure efficient exploitation of the project outcomes during the grant period and after the end of the project.  In order to properly set out the exploitation plan, a clear identification of the exploitable project results was initially performed, and the aspects of the Knowledge and IPR management supporting the interest of the beneficiaries and permitting to use the research results to full advantage have been addressed. Furthermore, a comprehensive analysis of the primary markets targeted by the SENSKIN solutions in the domain of roadway/railway bridge and infrastructure inspection has been presented indicating the opportunities of the SENSKIN integrated system and its valid business case, while additional markets with possible adoptions of the generated knowledge and the project results have been identified. In addition, a number of diverse exploitation actions have been agreed among the beneficiaries in order to maximize the impact of the generated knowledge in the bridge monitoring sector and help the beneficiaries to best capitalize on the benefits of the SENSKIN project. A concrete exploitation strategy outlined both at a consortium level and at individual partners' level as well as the strategies towards the commercial exploitation of the project results have been addressed and described in the present document, which will be updated as the project outcomes become more robust and more mature and finalized in the ''Final Exploitation Plan'' to be delivered by the end of the project.

The efficiency of the adopted exploitation plan will be assessed at regular intervals to make sure that the key results of the projects are exploited adequately to the parties as well as to facilitate the subsequent commercialization of the technology developed. Therefore, the ''Preliminary Exploitation Plan'', that is the base of the ''Final Exploitation Plan'', will be updated throughout the duration of the project and ensure the successful and widespread implementation of the SENSKIN technological achievements.


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