SENsing SKIN' for Monitoring-Based Maintenance of the Transport Infrastructure

Structural Assessment Modules

WP5 with leader: TECNIC

WP5 concerns the development of a methodology that, based on measurements from strain sensors, will assess the structural condition of monitored new and existing bridges. The assessment will be carried out taking into consideration, not only operating loads, but also expected exposure to increased traffic and seismic loading or high winds.




Skin like strain sensors will be applied on the external surface of the bridge elements and the relevant measurements will be processed taking into consideration the loading system at the time of installation and shrinkage and creep effects on existing materials.


The cross sections of the monitored elements will be then analyzed based on the constitutive laws of the materials in order to assess the actual structural capacity of the investigated bridge element.


Furthermore, a stochastic assessment will be implemented in order to assess the structural reliability and the probability of failure on a time basis considering the deterioration of the materials.


The current and future conditions of the main structural elements of the bridge, described through the derivation of damage states and safety factors, will be processed in WP6 for the identification of options for rehabilitation.



The methodology will be implemented and coded into a software to be integrated into the SENSKIN system.


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