SENsing SKIN' for Monitoring-Based Maintenance of the Transport Infrastructure

Experimental Evaluation of the Sensing and Data Acquisition System

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The performance of the prototype SENSKIN system will be thoroughly investigated through a comprehensive programme of closely-controlled laboratory tests. The repeatability and reproducibility of the output from the sensors will be determined from small-scale calibration/proving tests undertaken on concrete blocks and steel specimens. Tensile, compressive, shear and torsional strains will be induced in the specimens. The tests will determine how the output from the sensors varies with (a) the applied strain (type and magnitude), and (b) environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and moisture ingress). The measurements will be analysed to determine (a) the sensitivity of the output from the sensors to (i) cyclic loading, and (ii) near-field vibrations, and (b) the propensity of the sensors to long-term creep under a constant applied load.

Following analysis of the results from the initial small-scale tests - and any necessary adjustment to the method used to apply the sensors and/or the data logging system – larger-scale tests will be undertaken on steel and reinforced concrete (a) beam and (b) frame specimens. The beam tests will determine the response of the sensors to flexural, shear, and torsional forces, while the frame tests will assess the ability of the sensors to detect the strains that develop in the test specimens during the formation of a hinge. The response of the sensors and of the SENSKIN integrated device as a whole will be assessed, as far as is practicable, to complex static and dynamic loading. Specimens will be fabricated and tested under closely-controlled laboratory conditions. Procedures for installing the sensors on concrete and steel substrates will be developed.

In addition to the testing of the individual devices, the operation of the system at a network level will also be evaluated.

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