SENsing SKIN' for Monitoring-Based Maintenance of the Transport Infrastructure

User Requirements, Specifications and System Architecture

WP1 with leader: ICCS

The objectives of WP1 are to define the functional and operational requirements for the proposed system based on the needs of bridge owners and operators and the bridge inspection and assessment industry and at the same time investigate the regulatory framework, legal aspects and standards regarding the bridge inspection/monitoring and assessment system. WP1, based on users’ requirements and regulation will perform the system design and provide the final system specifications that will consequently lead to the final system architecture. Strong involvement of the project bridge operators and inspectors is foreseen at the first stages of the WP to define the user requirements, scenarios and metrics as well as the system performance indicators. The extraction and design of the user requirements will lead to the design of the system and DSS specifications that will in turn derive the overall system architecture.


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