SENsing SKIN' for Monitoring-Based Maintenance of the Transport Infrastructure


The SENSKIN solution will improve Structural Health Monitoring techniques for transport infrastructure through the development of an innovative monitoring and management system for bridges. The main features of the proposed solution are:

  • A micro-electronic, skin-like, sensor for monitoring transport infrastructure.
  • A Delay Tolerant Networking (DTNs) communication systems that will guarantee the delivery, availability
    and integrity of the sensor data even during hostile communication conditions. In the emergency that can follow an extreme event, the sensor data will be preserved through (so-called) panic communication
    protocols and forwarded to the processing station without loss of availability or accuracy.
  • A Decision Support System (DSS) for proactive condition-based structural intervention under operating loads and intervention after extreme events. It will be based on an accurate structural assessment based
    on input from the sensors.

The SENSKIN technology will be implemented in the case of bridges which will serve as reference structures to demonstrate, field evaluate and benchmark on an actual bridge.To achieve this, the project has defined a comprehensive methodolgy using 10 Work Packages (see for more details).

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